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Books for Bolts Val Susa
Do you have a nailing or re -entry project in the Susa Valley?

Following the success of sales of the guide "Passage to the North West - Vol. 1 (Susa Valley)" we remind you that south side provides a budget for nailing or reflecting itineraries in the Susa Valley. Delivery your project in paper format at AVIGLIANA BSHOP or by email at

What is Books for Bolts?
It is a project conceived by a southern side which, for each published climbing guide, offers material nails for the creation of new itineraries or for the safety of existing streets.

Beneficiaries are only required a project, to be able to evaluate it, and a documentation with finished work.

Why Books for Bolts?
The intention of the project is to recognize and support, with small material contributions, the indispensable work done completely free of charge by nails.


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