Northwest passage - Vol. 1 (Susa Valley)

Passaggio A Nord Ovest - Vol. 1 (Valle Di Susa) - Bshop
A work that throws a global look at the climbing in what is considered the gym par excellence of the Climber Torinese: the Val di Susa and the western valleys of the province of Turin. From Val Pellice to Rocca Sbarua, from Val di Susa to Val Chisone on a journey that through the walls and cliffs present tells the story of a fundamental part of the Piedmontese climbing. After the successes of 2005 and 2011, here is the third edition, whose many news imposed the discussion of a first volume dedicated entirely to the Val di Susa and a second with the valleys further south, which will be released in 2022 . This guide, dedicated to the largest and most populated valley of Piedmont, includes over 400 pages and 120 cliffs from Avigliana to Bardonecchia and Claviere, without neglecting the cliffs just beyond the French border.

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